Sustainability Highlights

Emera 2016 Sustainability Highlights


Sustainability is at the core of who we are and what we do at Emera.

It means continuing to deliver on our cleaner, affordable energy strategy, and creating shared value today and for future generations.

Note: all figures in Sustainability Highlights are 2016 performance and include six months of TECO data since the date of acquisition, unless otherwise stated. Historical generation and emissions performance has been adjusted to include TECO data for all years reported.

For details on individual calculations, see the relevant sections of the report.


GOAL: An injury-free workplace and a team that’s engaged and diverse

Clock icon0.58

Lost time injury frequency rate

bandaid icon1.27

All injury frequency rate

group icon


Employee engagement index

women icon33%

Women on board of directors. Employees: 28% women, 72% men


GOAL: Cleaner, reliable and affordable energy

customers icon2.5m

Utility customers

generation icon55%

Reduction of coal as a fuel source for generation since 2005

renewable icon31%

Increase in renewable energy since 2005

house icon$116m

Funding for energy efficiency programs


GOAL: Reliable regulated earnings and dividend growth

target icon>85%

Exceeding regulated earnings target

graph icon8%

Annual dividend growth rate target to 2020


GOAL: Strong and growing communities

buildings icon$8.4m

Community investment

coin arrow icon$4.1b

Economic value distributed

group icon15k

Employee hours volunteered


GOAL: Operations with lower environmental impacts

ghg icon14%

Reduction in GHG emissions from thermal generation since 2005

cloud icon0.58

tCO2e per MWh sales in 2016

coal generation icon44%

Reduction in mercury emissions from coal-fired generation since 2012

repurposed icon66%

Fly-ash repurposed