Promoting Wellness

Promoting Wellness

Emera’s focus on health and wellness goes hand-in-hand with our safety commitment. They are both ways in which we demonstrate our care for our team and people in our broader community.

The Emera Health and Wellness team leads health-related initiatives across our companies, offering a portfolio of services, programs and initiatives under the LiveBright banner that help our team members work and live well. Over the past three years, the health and wellness team has been increasingly focused on helping team members deal with health issues before they turn into long-term issues. Through the introduction of our Mental Health Strategy in 2013 and Stay at Work/Return to Work Program in 2014, the overall health of our team has improved and benefits costs have declined. In 2016, the health and wellness team continued to advance work on integrating our approach across the Emera companies, with a focus on health promotion, and absence and disability management programs.

Health challenges & screenings

Health Challenges & ScreeningsNova Scotia Power’s annual corporate scorecard includes challenging targets for team member health. To qualify for an end-of-year performance payout, 60 per cent of team members must have participated in at least two proactive health initiatives. These include things like quarterly health challenges, Weight Watchers at Work, health screenings and immunization clinics. In 2016, we surpassed this goal with 62 per cent of Nova Scotia Power team members participating in at least two proactive health initiatives.

TECO’s Wellness Program

Fitness Center WorkoutSpanning our operations in Florida and New Mexico, the TECO Wellness Program includes monthly health challenges, and tips on healthy eating and disease prevention. Fitness centers, classes that offer cardio workouts, yoga and other exercises provide extra opportunities for team members to feel their best.

Mental health strategy & addiction support

Doctor's VisitIn 2012, we engaged researchers from Saint Mary’s University in Nova Scotia to help us develop a mental health strategy for our companies in Canada and the northeast U.S.A. Based on that work, we rolled out a new strategy and related training and support materials. We ensured strong buy-in from team members by gaining support from senior leadership, resulting in training participation by 81 per cent of leaders and 76 per cent of team members in the first two years. We enhanced our intranet resources and have continued to promote mental health messages and resources to our teams.

Addiction issues can impact our team members’ ability to stay healthy and safe. Working hand-in-hand with our mental health strategy at Emera are our addictions support services. In 2013, Emera developed an Alcohol and Drug policy. With many of our team members engaged in safety-sensitive work, including the operation of heavy machinery, this takes on special importance. The policy and procedures provide a framework from which everyone can work safely and have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities.


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