Financial Highlights

We believe creating value for customers goes hand-in-hand with growing value for our shareholders.

In 2016, we closed our merger with TECO Energy and became a North American energy leader with $29 billion in assets and $4.3 billion in revenue.

In 2016, we reported record adjusted net earnings of $475 million and we realized another step change in our cash flow from operations, which exceeded $1 billion.

We raised the dividends paid to shareholders by 20 per cent in 2016, and delivered a total shareholder return of 9.6 per cent. We’re committed to delivering:

Stable Earnings

We're exceeding our


regulated earnings target

We've delivered adjusted earnings per share CAGR of


over the last 10 years

Growing Dividends


Annual Growth Rate target through 2020

Dividend Yield of


Dividend per share CAGR of


over the last 7 years

Growing Operating Cash Flows

Secure cash coverage on our dividend


CAGR in operating cash flows over the last 10 years

Visible Growth Plan

> $6.5b

capital investment plan to drive growth

Strong project pipeline