CEO Letter


Sustainability is at the heart of who we are and what we do at Emera. We have a great story to tell, and we are pleased to share it here in Emera’s first sustainability report.

We have been successfully delivering our strategy of cleaner, affordable energy for more than a decade, and creating shared value as a result.

At Emera, sustainability means:

  • working together safely as a team
  • continuously finding better ways of delivering for our customers
  • creating value for our shareholders
  • enabling innovation and growth in our communities
  • honouring our commitment to the environment

By doing this, we provide the energy our customers count on every moment of every day, and the energy solutions they need for a sustainable tomorrow.

We are building solutions that make the most sense for customers where they live, combining the right mix of renewables, transmission and energy technologies. We understand that customers want energy to be clean, affordable and “always on.” That’s why we’re investing in innovations that will make the energy grid smarter and more reliable, while also giving customers more control and choice.

When we adopted our strategy in 2005, Emera had assets valued at almost $4 billion. Today, we have $29 billion in assets in Canada, the U.S. and the Caribbean. We’ve been growing consistently and, with the $10.5 billion USD TECO Energy transaction in 2016, we essentially doubled our size and became a Top 20 North American energy leader.

I am extremely proud of Emera’s growth because of what it has allowed us to do in the communities we serve. It means we can invest in even better ways to deliver the energy that powers the places our customers live and work. And it means we can invest in initiatives that keep our communities strong and growing— including partnerships that support the next generation of innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs.

While this is our first sustainability report, sustainability is not new for Emera. This report represents the integrated story of our business, and highlights the connections between innovation, stakeholders, the environment, our communities and our team. Our ability to connect people to shared value is key to our business, and it’s key to powering a sustainable energy future.

Chris Huskilson

President and

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Huskilson