We selected the topics and data to include in this sustainability report based on the issues that we understand are important to our stakeholders and to our business strategy. These issues often overlap, as the views of our stakeholders and the decisions they take are significant drivers of our business success.

We draw on the opinions and insights shared by our stakeholders in our many daily interactions across the markets we serve. These can include meetings, conferences and events, customer and employee surveys, customer service channels and reviewing media coverage. Our stakeholders include, but are not limited to, our customers, shareholders, employees, our communities, regulators and government, industry associations, business partners, suppliers and NGOs.

In 2016 we also conducted a comparative review of sustainability materiality assessments for the electric utilities industry, many of which were developed using multi-stakeholder input, including:

  • CEA sustainability materiality matrix for the Canadian electric utility industry 2014
  • RobescoSAM Defining What Matters – Mining, Metals and Electric Utilities 2016
  • EPRI Material Issues for the North American Electric Power Industry 2013
  • GRI G4 Sector Disclosures Electric Utilities 2013

Based on this approach, we believe the following list of issues best represents the current social, economic and environmental issues that are important for us to focus on at this time. It has also guided the selection of topics and data included in this report. The 2016 assessment is still valid. As our sustainability program matures, we plan to revisit this materiality assessment.

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