About Emera

About Emera


From our origins as a single electrical utility in Nova Scotia, Emera has grown to become a North American energy leader serving customers in Canada, the US and the Caribbean. Our companies include electrical and natural gas utilities, natural gas pipelines, independent power producers, energy marketing and trading, and utility services.

Sustainable energy has been at the heart of our strategy for over a decade, driving our key initiatives:

  • We are innovating in our electric and gas utilities so that, increasingly, we can be ‘always on’ for customers, ready to serve when they need energy.
  • We are investing in renewables and natural gas to generate cleaner energy, and transmission to get cleaner energy to where people need it.
  • We are integrating our investments and expertise to build energy solutions that make the most sense in the regions we serve.
  • We are enabling innovation and growth in our communities through strategic investments and partnerships.
  • We are delivering shareholder value through reliable regulated earnings and dividend growth.

Our values guide how we work every day across Emera, focusing on Safety & Health, Relationships and Excellence. We know our people are our greatest strength, which is why we invest in their development as leaders and celebrate the diversity of our teams.

Billion in assets
Billion in revenue
Team members
Million utility customers

Emera at a glance

Tampa Electric1 (RI)
Vertically integrated electrical utility serving 743,000 customers in West Central Florida

Peoples Gas1 (RI)
Natural gas utility serving 372,000 customers in Florida

New Mexico Gas1 (RI)
Natural gas utility serving 522,000 customers in New Mexico

Nova Scotia Power(RI)
Vertically integrated electrical utility serving 510,000 customers in Nova Scotia

Emera Maine (RI)
Transmission and distribution utility serving 157,000 customers in northern and eastern Maine

Emera Caribbean (RI)
Vertically integrated utilities serving 182,000 customers on the islands of Barbados, Grand Bahama and Dominica

Emera Energy
Energy marketing and trading, asset management and optimization. Owns natural-gas fired generation fleet in Canada and the northeastern USA

Emera Newfoundland & Labrador2 (RI)
Delivering the Maritime Link and managing Emera’s investments in associated projects

Emera Utility Services2
Utility services contractor working in Atlantic Canada and other regions

Emera New Brunswick2 (RI)
Manages the Brunswick Pipeline, a 145-km natural gas pipeline in New Brunswick, Canada

Cape Sharp Tidal2
A partnership between Emera and OpenHydro to deliver tidal energy to Nova Scotia

RI = Regulated Investment 

1 Reported under Emera Florida and New Mexico in Emera’s financial statements.

2 Reported under Corporate and Other in Emera’s financial statements. Emera Newfoundland & Labrador’s investment in the Maritime Link and Labrador Island Link are accounted for as equity investments in Emera’s financial statements. 

This report includes full reporting (performance data and stories) of Emera’s wholly owned subsidiaries and entities where Emera has operational control, and partial reporting (stories only) of Emera’s investments. Performance data is not included for certain investments, including Cape Sharp Tidal, OpenHydro, Labrador Island Link, Bear Swamp, Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline and St. Lucia Electricity Services. For a full description of Emera’s structure and investments, see the Emera 2016 Annual Report.